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Stuck in a style conundrum?  Post your fashion questions here, and I’ll come up with a personalized solution for you!  Also, check back for common style questions that are relevant for many women…

Style Conundrum #1: Going Nude?

Sheer, flesh-colored pantyhose need not be subject to temperamental trends, gracing the legs of women everywhere one season and shunned as a garment for frumpy old ladies the next. Nude hose are an incredibly useful staple for those who want to wear skirts and dresses but hesitate to show off their legs, as well as women whose workplaces do not welcome bare stems.

Versatile as they are, nude pantyhose can be tricky terrain. They instantly become frumpy if too opaque, and friends don’t let friends wear the “tan” varieties. So to help you navigate this thorny territory, I’ve gathered a few options from classic to quirky. Details like a diamond pattern or floral lace details modernize the pantyhose or make them even fun.

When Nothing Else Will Do…

For the perfect option that works for any situation, go with Donna Karan’s plain, reliable version. The most barely-there of any nude pantyhose, their sheerness creates the best illusion of truly bare legs, especially if you must wear something during the summer.

Also consider flesh-colored fishnets – they work with a classic outfit and are subtly sexy without any Pretty Woman connotations. DKNY makes a great no-frills pair.

Not Your Grandmother's Pantyhose

Shop It

Bebaroque nylon stocking
€75 –

Wolford tight
£40 –

Wolford polka dot tight
£28 –

Donna karan
$20 –

Donna karan
$18 –

DKNY fishnet stocking
$8.90 –

$15 –

Forever21 floral lace tight
$11 –



Style Conundrum #2: Mixing Prints

Mixing prints can seem as complicated and confusing as a relationship, but a few key secrets are all it takes to master the mix. I’ve spilled the beans here, as well as included a few examples for beginners.

1. Keep prints in the same color family. Too diverse a color palette between pieces risks making you look like you got dressed drunk. Just a few colors in the same family pulls an outfit mixing different prints together for a polished, interesting look.

2. If mixing colors, keep the prints identical. For example, only pair stripes with stripes, or polka dots with polka dots.
3. Choose contrasting sizes. Two large prints will compete with each other, while two small prints just look mismatched. One of each allows both to stand out without being overwhelming.
4. Basic patterns like subtle pinstripes, glen plaid, herringbone and tweed can work as neutrals. In muted colors, these classic patterns act as a neutral backdrop for bolder pieces. Just keep them subtle, not graphic.
Mini Print Tutorial


Tweed & Pinstriped Separates With a Graphic-Print Top.A muted jacket and pants serve as a neutral backdrop for a graphic black-and-white chiffon top with a burst of teal. A basic black pump lets the rest of the outfit speak.

Striped Tops & Scarf. A cherry-red t-shirt with cream stripes plays well with a black-and-white striped scarf and layering tank, and the color combination is ultramodern.

Reverse the colors on each piece and wear a bold black-and-white-striped long sleeve with a red-and-white skinny-stripe scarf. As long as each piece has the same basic pattern, the sizes can vary.

Two-Pattern Pencil Skirt. Here, the differing patterns are in the same piece – the floral and plaid work together because the color palette in each stays exactly the same. Pair this stunner with a basic black drape-neck top and black pumps.

Shop It

Bird by Juicy Couture shirts blouse
$230 –

Sass Bide short t shirt
$220 –

Rabens Saloner silk top
€134 –

Aubin Wills cotton tank
$42 –

Dorothy Perkins red top
$21 –

Mango sequin vest
€90 –

Marc Jacobs brocade skirt
$419 –

Stripe pants
$40 –

Christian Louboutin patent heels
$775 –

John Lewis Women grey shawl
£35 –

Mango striped scarve
£15 –

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