In business, I work independently as a fashion stylist. Fifteen years in the global fashion industry have helped me understand the power that style holds as a personal branding tool. Beauty may only be skin deep, but fashion certainly is not. The image you create for yourself with your style says what words can’t always express, and leaves a lasting impression.

The self-confidence that comes with having an individual style is incredibly empowering; you stand a little taller when you know your outfit is fabulous. That inspired feeling can impact your life so much, which is what drove me to go into fashion styling. I love helping clients add that little spring to their step that a fun, flattering wardrobe brings.

I’ve found my niche in styling women and men who could use a little help in utilizing their personal style to present their ideal image. My purpose isn’t to bring cutting-edge, high fashion to those who do not necessarily have a place for it in their lives; instead it’s to bring an appropriate amount of fashion to the lifestyle of the individual in order to update their look, improve their image and boost their confidence in doing so.  That added boost of confidence for my clients is what brings the greatest joy to my work.

With this blog, I hope to spread my inspirations and vibrant knowledge about the power of fashion.  Including everything I find inspiring would take pages because ideas are found even in the smallest things, but here’s a sampling…

People.  Entrepreneurs. Artists. The strength and grace of ballet dancers. The sounds of Édith Piaf. Audrey Hepburn. Stacy London. Clinton Kelly. Rachel Zoe. Places. La Seine. San Francisco. Soho. The commuting fashion show at 8am on 7th Avenue. New York in autumn. Provence.  Le Bon Marché. Henri Bendel.  Liberty of London. The ocean. The little things. Café au lait on a rainy day in Paris. A quiet city street on a Sunday morning. Aromas of the boulangeries in France. Old-fashioned traditions. Laduree & the colors of their macaroons. Vin chaud. The beach in winter. Fresh seafood & crisp wine in a small French fishing village. The art of French pastry. peonies. olive trees. The colors of nature. The masters. Valentino. Hermès. Lesage. Legeron. The drapers of the fashion houses. Clothing. Gowns of the 1940s. The New Look. Yves Saint Laurent. Minimalist suits of the 1990s. Beautifully tailored jackets. Casual elegance. Printed silks of Lyon. Vintage magazines. The windows of Bergdorf Goodman. Fashion illustrations. Red carpet gowns. All the people who put their hearts into making the world a more beautiful place, inside and out…

5 thoughts on “About

  1. OMG, OMG, OMG — you HAVE TO KNOW how much I LOVE, love, love and APPRECIATE ALL OF THE HARD WORK you’ve put into this.

    First of all, could you be ANY MORE GORGEOUS, Rach? That pic is to DIE FOR (not to mention your Xmas pic… SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!).

    Second of all, I am soo excited for you! Your venture has become something just out of this world, and I am so proud to call you my friend and roomie!!

    Love you to BITS, xoxox, Schneider


  2. Love your blog! Found your column in Denver Post–you had condensed down the best recommendations–found so many more great examples here on your site!


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