Fit & Fashionable in 2012!

Every year, “getting fit” tops the list of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Whether you plan to start a hot new workout plan or return to your old one, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with those resolutions!  But cute workout clothes can provide just the motivation to help you push through!

Usually, January marks the start of the rush hour of closet mistakes. Winter clearance sales tempt us into spending money on impulse buys that don’t fit properly or are the wrong color. But not so for activewear! January means stores stock a plethora of workout clothes in every color and suited to all workouts and body types. I’ve found some of the cutest activewear in great fabrics and fresh styles, so you can banish dowdy tees and tired sweats from your wardrobe forever.

Workout Clothes 2012


Whether you choose fitted leggings or a wider-leg yoga pant, pair them with tank tops in equally moisture-wicking fabrics for some great new gym basics. Also, Nike’s signature Dri-FIT material comes in a variety of tops and bottoms in fun colors, which are a great option for a little more coverage.

Beyond basics, get creative with outerwear to complete the look for your trek to and from the gym. A quilted jacket in a sporty material, like Zella’s, has the feel of streetwear, and a mock-neck, fitted zippered jacket in magenta or lime can be very figure-flattering.  A sweatshirt that’s draped like a sweater is a stylish and cozy add-on to your activewear outfit.  And a long, hip-covering hoodie with a bright hood lining may just be sassy enough to wear even when you’re not working out (we won’t tell anyone it’s doing double duty).

Even cute accessories have a place in your workout ensemble. Puma’s metallic hobo gym bag is totally street-worthy, while a classic workout bag in a kicky color will hold all your after-gym essentials – a change of clothes, shoes and toiletries.  Sneakers in fun coordinating hues complete your workout wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to spend a little money here – well-made athletic shoes with plenty of support will keep injuries from ruining your fitness resolution!

Shop It

Hard Tail asymmetrical top
$92 –

NIKE zip hoody
$90 –

NIKE swimming t shirt
$42 –

$99 –


Nike activewear
$80 –

Nike activewear
$56 –

$39 –

$58 –

Nike activewear
£18 –

Nike activewear
$75 –

Zella swim pants
$34 –

Nike activewear
$45 –

Nike sports bra
$27 –

Nike athletic shoes
$130 –

Reebok pink shoes
$100 –

NIKE white athletic shoes
$95 –

Puma handbag
$34 –

Fitness Workout Bag
$27 –

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