Happy Mother’s Day!

For the Mom, a.k.a. Jackie of all Trades, Master Multi-Tasker, C-Level Home Manager, and Bombshell Booboo-Kisser…
mama multi-tasker
Take time this weekend for YOU! Get a facial or massage, grab a Bloody Mary with your girls (the grown-up ones), or shop for something that makes you feel like a million… a killer new pair of shoes? A great dress for casual summer days? What about a statement-making jacket to amp up your outfits and making dress a breeze?
Bring it, girls. And no mommy-guilt.
I believe that when you take time for yourself– to rest, exercise, beautify and work on your personal style you will have more energy and confidence to be a better mom, wife, Master Multi-Tasker and business gal.  If it’s selfish to take care of yourself, then be selfish.  Your family will reap the rewards of a together mama.
Need help with the style part?  Okay, you guessed it- We offer gift certificates for the gift that keeps on giving: Personal Style.   Forward this to your guy and we’ll hook you up.
Cheers to you!